Yoga: A best gift for fitness lovers

Yoga is a most ancient way to increase body flexibility and strength. It’s not all about touching the toes and meditation. It is a process of learning, healing and rejuvenating by natural means. The word “Yoga” is derived from the Sanskrit word yuj, implies union of the individual consciousness with the universal consciousness. It is a simple process to make our mind a dynamic center of direct perception and to make it capable of experiencing the truth.  It is a physical, mental as well as spiritual practice, originated in India. Really, it is a best gift of yoga gurus of the pre-Vedic period. This is considered as a treatment for many physical and mental ailments without applying any medications. There are lots of yoga poses and each yoga pose has different significance and impacts differently to the body.
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Yoga is considered as a best and natural way of reducing weight.  Though it may be a slow process, but it cuts the fat drastically. Yoga for weight loss poses includes Surya Namaskar, cobra Pose, Warrior Pose, Bow Pose, Side bends and many others. Regular practice of these poses can work wonders. But remember, weight loss is a combination of several other factors like disciplined lifestyle, regular exercise and so on.

There are some particular poses for back- pain as well. Multiple studies have cleared that this ancient technique improves the functioning of back and provide greater relief in severe back pain. The various poses of Yoga for back pain include Two-knee twist, Supine Hamstring Stretch, Sphinx, Pigeon, Thread the Needle, Legs Up the Wall and many others. But remember, if you have regular severe back pain, then you should go to the Doctor. The occasional soreness and chronic back aches can be cured with these postures. These will help you to stretch and strengthen the muscles, lengthen the spine and make your back in the proper alignment.

Yoga is not only good for adults, but it also has several benefits for kids. By regular practicing of the yoga, kids can develop their confidence and improve their concentration power as well. There is a number of Yoga for kids poses like Monkey movement, Butterfly pose, Airplane pose, Reverse Warrior pose, Mermaid pose, Rainbow Pose, Salutation Seal and so on. These poses help your children to achieve the amazing fitness and energy to work and study properly.

Yoga is important for everyone and it can be performed at any condition. Most of the ladies believe that during pregnancy, they should not perform Yoga but it’s not true. There are various prenatal yoga poses for the pregnant women. These poses are especially for the pregnant women. Regular practice of these poses during pregnancy is beneficial both for the woman and child. So follow these poses to keep your body fit and supple. Yoga for pregnant women ensures easier labor as well as smooth delivery. These poses include, Sukhasana, neck Exercises, Bhramari, Mountain Pose, Cat pose, Ujjayi breathing, Shoulder lifts and so on.

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Will let you know about each pose in the next blogs. In a nutshell, Yoga can be performed by anyone at any age and condition. It offers several health benefits and improves your complete well-being. So,  perform Yoga regularly to stay fit and fine for the lifetime.

Sneha Agarwal

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