Top 5 Amazing Benefits of Yoga

Health is a foremost concern of every living being. One can be considered as fit and healthy, when he or she physically fit, mentally calm and emotionally strong.  Yoga is one of the most precious gifts of our traditional culture. People generally fail to realize immense benefits of yoga as they relate yoga only with the physical exercise. But it’s not true. It helps not only to be physically fit but also strengthen us mentally as well as emotionally. It is a connecting link of body, breath and mind.

With the regular practice of Yoga, one can accomplish several physical as well as mental health benefits. There are various different types of yoga poses, offering different health benefits like some yoga poses improve flexibility, strength, and muscle tone and others reduce stress, enhance body awareness and promote mental clarity. Ultimately, all the yoga poses help to increase the overall well-being. Now let’s check out the most common and top benefits of Yoga:

  • Yoga for weight loss: Weight loss is a most important benefit of yoga as by the regular practice of yoga you can reduce as much as weight you want without using any artificial treatment. Though the process of reducing weight is slow but it really works. The most common pranayama for reducing weight include Kapal Bhati and Sun Salutations. With the consistent practice of yoga, you will become more conscious about what you are eating and you can also keep checking on your weight.
  • Yoga for Diabetes: Diabetes generally occurred due to the lack of proper cell response to the insulin and that results in a multitude of metabolic imbalances. Various studies clear that, simple pranayams or asanas help to effectively control the blood sugar levels of the body. These pranayams stimulate the organs that further improve the metabolic activities of  the body. It helps to the transformation of chemicals more efficient in a cell.
  • Yoga for Stress: Stress is a most common problem and that can be caused at any age. High stress level leads to several other ill diseases so it should be cured as early as possible. With a few minutes of yoga during a day, you can get rid of stress. You will attain good health both physically and mentally. The effective techniques to overcome with stress include various pranayama and meditation. With these techniques, you will cleanse the body internally and de-stress the body and mind. After performing these techniques, you will feel less stressed and more relaxed.
  • Yoga for eyes: There are various poses and exercises to improve the eyesight. With the help of these poses you can overcome the various eye related problems like myopia and hypermetropia. Baba Ramdev yoga, one of the renowned yoga education providers, gives various exercises for eyes like Eye Rotations, Palming, Udgeeth Pranayam, Trataka, Bhastrika Pranayam, Bahya Pranayam, Kapal bhati Pranayam, Anlom-Vilom, Agnisara Kriya and many others. Practicing these poses regularly helps to enhance the functioning of eyes.
  • Yoga for Heart: Yoga techniques are mostly known to keep your heart healthy. They help in lowering the blood pressure and slower the heart rate. These are also very important for the people who have had a stroke or any other heart disease. Regular performing of these techniques helps in lowering the level of cholesterol and triglyceride in the body and provides better immune system.

yogaReally, yoga has millions of physical and mental benefits but all you need to be regular. To get the optimum benefits of yoga, you need to know the right technique of every asana, so search for the expert supervision. Keep practicing Yoga and attain good health and well-being.


Sneha Agarwal

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