Most Common Signs of Depression

Depression is a mental disorder in which a person feels loss of interest and always be in a state of sadness. This persistent feeling is also called as a major depressive disorder and major or clinical depression. It is a state of mind that creates the feeling of hopelessness. Today, this is a main cause for the higher rate of suicidal cases. To get rid of this feeling or disorder, you first need to understand well about what is depression.

Most of the people relate depression with the feeling of sadness, but it is much more than just sadness. On the other hand, some define it as a feeling of impending doom. Some depressed people, never feel any sadness but always live in the feeling of lifelessness, emptiness and become apathetic. This can further cause the feeling of aggression and restlessness. So, whatever are the symptoms of depression, but it is not just sadness. Understanding the depression symptoms is a foremost step in the process of overcoming from this disorder.

Common Signs of Depression

Though, depression symptoms vary from person to person, but there are some common signs of depression that are generally found in the depressed person. These symptoms may include:

  • Loss of interest in day to day activities: Person lost the interest in every activity in which he/she had interest in the past. They feel no joy and pleasure in their former hobbies, social activities or anything else.
  • Feeling Helpless and Hopeless: Person will become completely negative towards life. They feel like nothing is going good in their life and ultimately want to end this life.
  • Change in eating and sleeping habits: Person may start eating more or less that causes significant change in weight. This state of mind either creates the problem of insomnia or oversleeping.
  • Body aches and pains: Some unexplained pains and aches may also arise that include headache, back pain, stomach pain and so on.
  • Loss of energy and concentration power: Most of the time, depressed person feels fatigued, lethargic as well as physically drained. Person always feels exhausted and can’t concentrate in any activity. He/she feels trouble in focusing, remembering the things and making regular decisions.

These are most common symptoms of depression that often found in the depressed mind person. After recognizing any of these symptoms, next step would be to understand about how to deal with depression. Meditation is a most common and most acceptable remedy to deal with depression. Regular practice of yoga and meditation help to reduce the level of depression.


Today, we have several healing treatments to deal with this disorder. To know more, you need to contact any expert psychologist or follow some Ayurvedic treatments of healing depression.


Sneha Agarwal

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