Meditation Techniques for beginners

Meditation is quite a popular term, but unfortunately very few people understand well the true meaning of meditation. Some relate it with mental concentration, some believe like imagining something that gives peace is meditation. These exercises are not exactly meditation, but they may call as substitutes of meditation. The term meditation is referred as a state of thoughtless awareness. This state can be attained when our mind is free from the scattered thoughts and other external distractions. In other words, it is a state of profound peace that takes place when our mind is calm and silent but completely alert. It is the beginning of inner transformation that creates higher level of awareness. Now the question is how we can achieve this state?

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Meditation is a traditional approach to train your body and mind. Though, there is a lot of discussion and confusion regarding how it can be performed and how it can benefit to the body and mind. It is a balancing technique that increases the body awareness. While practicing meditation we eliminate all the external distractions and concentrate only our internal soul. It simply implies meeting with our inner soul. Reciting of mantra or OM chanting is a most common way to meditate. Meditation music also helps in achieving the internal focus and emphasizing on our inner self. In short, consistent practice of meditation helps in creating the balance between internal and external self.

Meditation Techniques for beginners:

Though there are lots of meditation techniques so sometimes it’s quite difficult for the beginners to decide which technique will be favorable or suitable for them. Beginners are always confused about how to meditate and what are the best meditation techniques for beginners. After the thorough study, it is concluded that all the techniques are same. All the techniques are based on our focus and intention. So, if you are planning to start meditation, you must know the key points of beginning mediation. The basic rule of meditation is relaxing and breathing. Some experts have also advised that the best way to start meditation is to just sit comfortably keeping your back upright without any support and close your eyes. Keep your mind empty and focus on the inhalation and exhalation of the breathing movement. This technique is called as concentration meditation, in which we only concentrate only one thing.

The other most common meditation technique is mindfulness meditation. This technique encourages our observation to the wandering thoughts. Whenever these thoughts drift through our mind, we need to observe them and make an intention to not get involved with these thoughts. With this technique, we can experience how our thoughts and feelings move in certain directions. This practice helps in developing the inner balance.

Other Common meditation techniques:

Other common meditation techniques include Mantra, walking meditation, Heart Rhythm Meditation, Transcendental Meditation, Qi Gong, Zazen, tai chi, chi kung, Sahaja Meditation, Kundalini Meditation and Guided Meditation.

Tips for beginners:

Here we have presented some easy tips for meditation beginners:

  • Sit comfortably in a quiet place: Firstly, find out a calm place and sit comfortable whether or floor or on the chair. All that you need to have your body in a stable position.
  • Be aware: You need to be completely aware of your surroundings. Try to make your mind free from all the thoughts.
  • Concentrate on your breath: Now focus on the movement of breath, it should be like you are feeling breathe in from lungs and breathe out through nostrils.
  • Feel your every body part: Once you are focused on the movement of breath, now it’s time to feel each body part. Start with your toes and end with your head. Your mind will feel wonders for sure.
  • Regular Practice: Obviously, regular practice is essential if you want to enjoy the amazing benefits of meditation. Practice makes man perfect, so practice, practice and practice.

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Key benefits of meditation

Regular practice of Mediation offers so many physical and mental benefits. These benefits include, deeper relaxation, improved blood circulation, more feelings of well-being, less anxiety, less stress, less perspiration, lower heart rate, lower blood pressure slower respiratory rate, lower blood cortisol levels and much more. Regular meditation practitioners experience various positive effects on brain and their immune system as well.

Apart from these benefits, it helps to attain inner stability and the sense of calmness. Regular practice of Meditation induces great relaxation of the mind and soul. With the few minutes of meditation, you will feel energetic as well as rejuvenated throughout the day.

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Meditation is all about touching and feeling your inner soul that is so pure and beautiful. The ultimate benefit of meditation is to make our mind free from the attachment of the things that we can’t control, such as strong inner emotions or any other external conditions. A liberated mind achieves great calmness and inner happiness.



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