Karma Theory of Life

Most of the time, everyone comes in a phase of life when we think why we are getting so much troubles in life, why our God is not listening our prayers, why God punishes, why God do injustice with me only and many other questions. These questions are constantly revolving in our minds, but we never find out the actual reasons of these sufferings and start blaming God and others. But, we don’t forget that God has a supreme power of regulating this earth and he is not responsible for our sufferings. On the other hand, we also believe everything that happens in our life is under the control of God, then why we do wrong things in life that result troubles. In search of these questions, I came to know the concept of annihilation of the soul and the moral order of this universe. Soul never dies; it travels from one body to another. Some people are born with good fortune and some are unfortunate. This happens due to our past deeds. Our past deeds or actions determines our present and our present deeds or actions determines our future.


The process of life is ongoing, we die and we born. Understanding the concept of reincarnation is essential while learning about karma. When we die or born, we can’t take anything with us, one thing that goes with us is our karma. Do you know, what is karma? Karma literally means our action. It is based on the Newton’s Law, i.e. every action must have a reaction. Whatever we do, we will get same in return. May be this return will take time, but you will get for sure. Broadly speaking, karma not only includes our deeds or actions, it also includes our intentions and the consequences associated with our actions. Whatever we do and think, create our destiny. According to Hinduism Law of karma, Man is an architect of his own destiny and creator of his own fate.  Good karma results good fate and bad karma results bad fate. Basically, there is no specific good or bad karma. According to the Hindu view, good karma is that which brings us near to our real self, and the bad karma is that which builds a distance between us and our real self. Actions that result happiness, peace and pleasure are called as good karma and the actions that create guilty, shame and sorrows are considered as bad karma. The law of karma is also said as a law of automatic justice as it tells; no action goes without generating its result.

This law of cause and effect implies that the person cannot escape the consequences of his own actions. This is the universal truth that every being must face his deeds whether early or late. Karma has its echoes. The law of karma says, every good action and intention is rewarded and every bad action and intention is punished but sometimes in spite of all good actions and sincere intentions, we have to bear negative consequences. It’s not necessary that the current events or troubles in our life are the resultant of our past actions of the same life. These events may happen due to the actions we did in our previous lives. That’s why sometimes we feel there is a disconnection between our actions and the consequences. Good people suffer despite of good actions and intentions and bad people enjoys despite of bad actions and intentions. As the cycle of rebirth goes on, similarly the account our karma goes on and these accumulated karmas are called as sanchit karmas. We all have to bear the consequences of our actions, may be in the same life or in the upcoming lives. Our karmic account goes on from life to life.

The law of karma is really straightforward in which all beings are rewarded or punished as per their actions. So, we first aim to understand properly that our thoughts, intentions and actions lead to all the sufferings of life. In Bhagavad-Gita, Lord Krishna says, people who willingly perform all the duties and responsibilities with a sense of detachment and without any desires of the fruit of their actions are dear to me. We all should live a divine life. Our objective should be to make ourselves free from the consequences of our own actions, without going away from our duties.


The law of karma signifies that the way of achieving salvation is in our hands. Our sole objective in this life is to achieve salvation or become free from the reincarnation cycle of the universe, so all we need to perform our duties with good intentions and without expecting the fruit of our own actions.


Sneha Agarwal


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